Sunday, November 21, 2010

Defined & Elegant look for Jenny

Jenny was exceptionally kind, funny, quirky & beautiful inside/out. What a kind-hearted person! I felt so lucky to have met her. Making her look beautiful for the wedding day was the greatest joy!

Jenny's most beautiful features are her big double-lid eyes and nice bone structure, a photogenic and "good for makeup" face. She has a very youthful, almost naive & childish kind of beauty, so even though at first she kind of wants a smoky look (similar to another bride's hair & makeup I did) and a high all-up fancy do, I told her a light smoky eyes and a side-swept bang, low updo will work best for her face. The brows are also a key element, they need to look a bit thicker, darker & more defined in order to well frame her beautiful eyes.

So, here's what we did at the trial:

Here are some photos from her friend's camera on her wedding day:

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