Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Change lipstick - change persona

Just like with Julie, I did 2 looks for Hallie: sultry eyes with nude lipstick and later with red lipstick. Both looks turned out beautiful on Hallie because she has great features to work with. Though 100% Chinese, Hallie has more of a square face, full brows, and big round eyes. Her eyes are definitely her greatest weapon.

With nude lipstick and silver/gray smoky eyes, Hallie looks stylish, cool, and somewhat innocent. Below is a before/after of Hallie.

After a few photos, we changed her look. I took off some of the shimmery gray shadows on her eyes, and replaced with a neutral brown and a light gold shimmer (to go with red lipstick). After wiping off her nude lip color, I used a mauvish lipliner (MAC - Half-red) to line & fill in her lips, top off with a thin layer of neutral shade of red lipstick to add some moisture, and that was it. I didn't bother adding lip gloss, because since this girl has such great alluring eyes, I felt that her eyes should be the center of attention, her mauvish-red lipstick can play the supportive element. The result was perfect. She looks sultry, seductive and elegant at the same time, reminding me of some Hong Kong actresses... Isn't she?

Here's a photo for you to compare the 2 looks on her. Which look is better in your opinion?

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