Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Alluring smoky eyes and red lipstick

When Julie knew that I'm writing about red lipstick for my blog, just like Hallie, she offered to be my model and she was totally interested in trying red lipstick. I agreed because I thought she has a tanner complexion and a quite different look compared to Hallie. And, what's great about her is that though she doesn't have strong brows & big eyes like Hallie, she has a beautiful, bright & contagious smile. 

We had great fun! I tested 2 different makeup looks on her:
1. Smoky eyes paired up with neutral pink lipstick
2. Smoky eyes paired up with red lipstick
With both looks, we did full smoky eyes using black, gold shimmer and dark brown for eyeshadows. I also used full lashes on her to help making her eyes look bigger so that it could balance out well with red lips.

Here's a photo of Julie with smoky eyes and pink lipstick.

I thought she looked really nice with the first look. However, sparkles happened when we changed her lipstick color to red. With red lipstick, she suddenly looked more charming and alluring. This cool red color compliments her tan complexion and hair color so well and it gave her such a glow.

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