Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is there a perfect red lipstick for every woman? - part 1

The holiday is coming and we see gorgeous red lipstick worn by celebrities and models everywhere we turn. The photos below show how these women just look so AMAZING with red lipstick. Red is a really strong color, so these stars of course knowing that, and choosing the right dresses, accessories, and the right hair style to go with their sexy red lipstick. When the whole look is done right, red lipstick should make a woman look more stylish, alluring, and confident.

However, more often than not, most of us Asians are very intimidated by red lipstick and tend to stay away from it. Maybe some of us would at least once try red, but then quickly wipe it away with a sigh..."I just can't wear red." How come red lipstick tends to look so harsh & not-right on us?

Reasons? There could be one or all of the reasons below for red lipstick to look not-right on Asian women:

1. If your eyes or brows aren't strong enough, it's really hard to handle red lipstick.
2. If you have problem skin, scarred, or redness/breakout, red will tend to highlight your flaws even more. Having porcelain, nice, glowy skin will be a big plus!
3. Good bone structure and a nice shape of lips will be your greatest weapons. Asians tend to have a flatter, rounder face, and when that combined with a small thin lips, you can't expect red lipstick to look great on you without some work... (we'll go there in next post)

But, DON'T GIVE UP. There's way :) In my next post, I'll go into details about how to find a good red lipstick and how to make it work.

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