Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hire a makeup artist for E-session?

It's a YES in my opinion if you think these photos mean a lot to you, capturing your love & devotion for each other, though not in a formal way like the wedding-day, but more like a romantic date. This session is quite important, especially if you will enlarge one of them or put them together as a signed-in book for the guests at your wedding. It's the time that you two can relax, have fun, and learning to cooperate with the photographer (if he/she will also be your wedding photographer). If a picture worths a thousand words, then how you look in the picture should matter too, right? Also it's good to just relax and have a professional taking care of your beauty for the shoot. Even for myself, I would rather trust someone with my hair & makeup, no pressure for perfect liner, no sweat curling & teasing my hair, just saving all my best energy for the shoot ahead.

Why is it important?
1. If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you'll give your best in front of the camera. You can even "flirt" with the camera and your man and the result will be interesting, sizzling photographs :)
2. Honestly, a professional grade camera just loves a face with nice makeup much more than a face with none because it captures every detail, especially with portrait shots. Unless what you need is mostly just far-away shots and the beauty of the landscape/location is more important than your look or his look.
3. A pro makeup artist will not only know to make you look good, he/she also knows (or must know) how to make you look good for the camera. For makeup, I'm talking about last-long application, high light & contour technique, choosing the right colors, and using the right lashes (individual or sets). For hair, I'm talking about the right style for the dress/outfit, minimal fly-aways, and staying power.

Therefore, choosing a good makeup/hair stylist to help you look nice and camera-ready for the E-session isn't a bad idea at all. You're paying for a good photographer, so why not a good makeup artist/hair stylist. You should look good, feel good, and smile with confident for this fun & romantic session.

Below are some E-session photographs that my past clients shared with me. I hope these can give you some ideas...

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